First Sprout(s)

Hello, and welcome to the blog! My name is Priscilla, and I’m basically the mind behind this somewhat unfinished site.

For the first post on Just a Sprout, I figured I would answer the major question that will likely plague me later on: “What’s up with that name?”

Well, I could probably write some long-winded explanation of the hidden significance of the title, how it symbolizes the growth of a seed planted in the earth and left to go through the trials and tribulations that the world brings, pushing through the hardships and struggles until it — albeit weathered — blooms/spurts into a beautiful, useful plant in the community.

And while that story seems nice and inspirational, it’s really not the main reason behind why I named this blog “Just a Sprout.”

The real, unedited, uncensored reasoning behind the title comes from a kind of dumb thing my friends and I happened to find really funny. See, in high school, a friend of mine bought these stupid (adorable) little hair clips from eBay that looked like bean sprouts, and I thought it’d be a fantastic idea to wear one pointing straight out of the top of my head for the entire seven-hour school day. Let’s just say I got a few weird looks. During second period, I guess I spaced out while doing classwork (pfft, okay, I think we all know that’s a lie, I was probably on my phone) and another of my friends, in trying to get my attention, yelled out, “Hey, you, Sprout!” And thus, my new nickname was born.

Cue the inside jokes, puns, and a secret circle of friends who knew the meaning  behind the name for the remainder of our last year in high school.

I know, the reason is pretty stupid, but it makes me smile and laugh and want to reminisce. Besides, I guess it does have some deeper meaning behind it.

See, I attended the same school for thirteen years of my life. From kindergarten to twelfth grade, I grew up around the same students, the same teachers, and the same campus, which also doubled as my church. It was a safe zone. I knew everyone; everyone knew me. And then, everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked when I graduated from said school. Suddenly, I was being cast out of my safe zone. New school; new people; new everything. And it was scary.

It still is, to be honest. But, just like the little seed being cast into new soil, and the little sprout springing up in hostile territory, I know that I have to learn to face the outside world. I can’t hide away forever, and I don’t plan on doing so.

So, I created this blog to get myself through my journey into adulthood and the real world, and to share ways I learn through it. My goal is to help other little sprouts get through their own journeys, by sharing my stories and inspiring others to not be afraid of finding their own path through life. I don’t expect to help everyone, and I’m sure I’ll have people read this just for the sake of laughing at my failures. Please do; I laugh at my own pain. It’s a good coping mechanism.

I hope y’all enjoy my posts, and I can’t wait to keep writing more.


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