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The Fault in Our [Communication]

Picture credit: Josiah Smith

Note: Should I keep with the weird “book title puns”? Or is that just…nah? Let me know in the comments.

Contrary to popular belief, I really like to talk. A lot.

Anyone who’s really close to me knows that if I’m given the chance, I’ll go on and on for hours. Days, even.

I just really like to socialize with people, and once I’m comfortable, I’ll say just about anything on my mind. I enjoy being able to communicate freely with people I care about.

Long distance relationships make communicating extra difficult. Between time differences, work schedules, sleep schedules, etc., sometimes you find yourself going days (maybe weeks) without a text, email or phone call.

Now, in our relationship, Will and I haven’t really worried if we missed a couple of days of texts. We wouldn’t talk to each other for days on end, and everything would be fine. I know that definitely bugged my sister, who couldn’t believe that I hadn’t even spoken to my boyfriend at all in four to five days, but we knew how our relationship worked. We knew we would see each other at some point in the week, and would be able to pour out all our thoughts and things then. It made things more genuine.

Like, sure, I could shoot him a text and tell him about my day, or the annoying work schedule, or a minor family argument, and he could sympathize behind a screen. All good and dandy. But, I preferred being able to tell him in person, to share exactly how I felt about each situation and have him comfort and assist in real-time, without his attention being divided between our conversation and whatever else he was doing at home/work.

With this whole long-distance thing, it just doesn’t work like that. Before, I’d be fine with a few days in-between texts, mostly because I knew I’d see him soon. Nowadays, I’ll lucky to get a single text every few days, and it’s usually a goodnight text when I’m already asleep, or a random text in the middle of the day when I’m at work.

But that’s okay. I know he’s busy, and he knows I’m busy. I guess it’s just part of growing up. Honestly, we’ve been privileged enough in our relationship to be able to see each other every week; not everyone gets that. It just makes things so much more worth it when we do get to talk, and tell each other what’s going on in our currently separate lives. Sure, his stories are much more interesting than mine (being in Alaska and all…lol), but I can live with that too.

Feel free to leave any tips in the comments on how to deal with the distance, and share your own experiences! Don’t forget to subscribe, and hit that like button while you’re at it! Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “The Fault in Our [Communication]”

  1. Tip: Letters! Sending letters is really fun because they’re unexpected in our digital age, they’re always a surprise to receive. They’re also something tactile that your s/o can have of you, and there’s something really nice about seeing someone’s personality through the way they write.

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