Wow, it’s been a while…


Tbh, y’all never left, so it’s actually just me coming back…sooooo…welcome back, me?


It’s been about four months since my last post, which is honestly kinda sad on my part. I really want to continue blogging and creating for y’all, as well as myself. I love writing, and the past few months of hiatus have been weird without it.

Another problem I found myself having after taking a break from WordPress was my sudden desire to just cut the whole project off and delete my blog. Which, umm, IS NOT THE WAY I SHOULD BE HANDLING MY PROBLEMS. I know the kinda person that I am: I start something, and get really hyped about it, and then — if I don’t continue and stay on-top of things — I lose interest and it fades away over time. This has been a trend in my life, honestly (like when I said I would go to the gym every week…or that I would have more money saved by the end of 2017…etc., etc.). BUT I’M WORKING ON IT, OKAY?

I’ve decided, though, that I’m going to take this blog in a slightly different direction than I had originally planned. Kinda change things, spice things up a little, ya-know-what-I’m-sayin’? [side note: wow, I’m cringe-y]

I guess I just want to make this blog a little more fun for myself, so that I’m driven to continue writing and keep up with it. I mean, if I don’t like what I’m writing, how are y’all supposed to like it? I’d rather create what I would genuinely want to read and see on the Internet instead of following the format of others for the sake and looking ~aesthetically pleasing~. Like, nah, I may have an ~aesthetic~ in my head, but I’ve always had a hard time bringing to life in the real world, so this blog shouldn’t portray my “ideal” look; instead, it should reflect who I am now, and change when/how I change.

So, yea. The site looks different than it did before, and it’ll probably keep changing until I’ve decided I’m comfortable with the look (and then it’ll change again when I get too comfortable and bored with it). Plus, the whole “group” of writers thing didn’t really seem to work out beforehand, so (for now) it’s just lil’ old me and my thoughts.

Thanks for sticking around while I figure things out!

Also, I’ve got some EXCITING CONTENT TO SHARE WITH Y’ALL SOON (relationship updates, work updates, overall life updates) AND I CAN’T WAIT TO KEEP WRITING.



  1. Connie Gallegos 10-26-2017 / 12:47 pm

    Very interesting as in Verrree Interrrresting! Keep it up plz!?;)

    Liked by 1 person

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