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My Whole New World

Hey, remember when I said I had some REALLY EXCITING UPDATES TO SHARE WITH Y'ALL (like a few months ago lol #oops)??? Well, I figured it's about time I shared some updates on my current Disney College Program internship.   So, I'm currently an intern at the Disneyland Resort, through the DCP Spring 2018 season.… Continue reading My Whole New World

Life Without Will[power]: The Remix, Relationships

Life Without Will[power]: The Remix

Well, here we go again. Here's a little recap of last year's events: My boyfriend, Will, decided he wanted to work up in Alaska for the summer. I, being the supportive girlfriend that I am, said, "That sounds like a GREAT opportunity." Note: I didn't think he'd actually go through with it. Will packed his… Continue reading Life Without Will[power]: The Remix