Life Without Will[power]: The Remix, Relationships

Life Without Will[power]: The Remix

Well, here we go again.

Here’s a little recap of last year’s events:

  • My boyfriend, Will, decided he wanted to work up in Alaska for the summer.
  • I, being the supportive girlfriend that I am, said, “That sounds like a GREAT opportunity.”
    • Note: I didn’t think he’d actually go through with it.
  • Will packed his bags in May of 2017, and left in June of 2017.
  • I, being the emotional girlfriend that I am, cried a lot.
  • Will returned in August of 2017.
  • I cried again (happy tears, mind you).
  • Will decided he wanted to go back the following year.
  • [see: “That sounds like a GREAT opportunity.”]
  • Will gets the opportunity to go back up in April instead of June.
  • Crying? Crying.

And here we are.

So, yes, my amazing boyfriend, who I am very attached to, is making the trek back up to Naknek, Alaska, where he will be working crazy 18 hour shifts while I slowly lose my mind back home.

Does it suck? Yea, kinda.

But, ya know what? We’ve done this before. We’ll power through.

Right? Right.

I’m going to ATTEMPT to write at least a few posts throughout the time he is gone (I can never promise anything [see: my many months of hiatus] but I can try). I have no idea what I’ll be writing, if I’m being completely honest, but I feel like I’m gonna need some sort of outlet to release any pent-up frustrations or thoughts I have concerning his time away.

Will leaves April 15th (well, okay, technically he leaves April 14th, but it’s a night flight so it doesn’t count). So the countdown begins now.

Current Date: March 27, 2018.

Days ’til departure: 18

Oh, yea, so I’ll probably be shortening the name a little because I’m lazy af and it’s efficient. So LWW: The Remix? I dunno, let me know down below if you have a better idea.


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