Just A Sprout was created by Priscilla in May of 2017. Well, okay, at least that’s when it debuted.

The idea for Just A Sprout began in October of 2016. Without knowing what she was doing, Priscilla purchased a domain from WordPress.com and started writing. And then she stopped. The site was left, forgotten and empty, for months on-end.

In March of 2017, almost six months after its conception, Priscilla decided she wanted to try again. So, she contacted a few friends and told them her idea for a collaboration blog. And they thought it was a good idea.

And then two months went by, and nothing happened.

But then, at the tails’ end of the month of May, suddenly, inspiration struck once more. And Priscilla was determined to get something done. So she stayed up into the ungodly hours of the night/morning and wrote like there was no tomorrow. And her friends got interested once again.

Then, again…a hiatus. Yes, I know, what a buzzkill. But, Priscilla decided not to give up just yet, and in October, she brought the site back — on her own, mind you, but you only really need one mind to keep a blog running, I guess.

And here we are.

Hello there, Priscilla here! Welcome to Just A Sprout! If you’re wondering about the name, feel free to check out my first ever blog post, First Sprout(s), which explains the origin/meaning (it’s not what you’d expect).

This blog can be considered a lifestyle blog. Basically, it’s excerpts from the life of a former private school kid [me], and my journey into the real world. I guess I just want to share my thoughts on how and where life has taken me in the aftermath.

It’s not much right now, but I’m going to do my best to keep this blog updated. I can’t promise weekly or even monthly posts at this point, but bear with me 🙂