Life Without Will[power], Relationships

The Fault in Our [Communication]

Picture credit: Josiah Smith Note: Should I keep with the weird "book title puns"? Or is that just...nah? Let me know in the comments. Contrary to popular belief, I really like to talk. A lot. Anyone who's really close to me knows that if I'm given the chance, I'll go on and on for hours.… Continue reading The Fault in Our [Communication]

Life Without Will[power], Relationships

[Not] Looking for[ward to] Alaska

Picture credit: Sedric Acevedo Disclaimer: I'm not a dating expert (shocker, right?), and I definitely don't know everything about maintaining a stable relationship. Every situation is different. This is just my personal experience. Second disclaimer: No, I have not read John Green's Looking for Alaska. Yes, I'm aware that this post has little to nothing… Continue reading [Not] Looking for[ward to] Alaska