Life Without Will[power]: The Remix, Relationships

LWW: Things I Learned the First Time

Current date: 4/04/2018 Days 'til departure: 11 Hey, y'all! So, to sorta kick-off the remix of Life Without Will[power], I've decided to list some things I picked up during my last experience of a long-distance relationship. These are just basic things, not necessarily life-changing but still realizations I had to fully come to. If you… Continue reading LWW: Things I Learned the First Time


First Sprout(s)

Hello, and welcome to the blog! My name is Priscilla, and I'm basically the mind behind this somewhat unfinished site. For the first post on Just a Sprout, I figured I would answer the major question that will likely plague me later on: "What's up with that name?" Well, I could probably write some long-winded… Continue reading First Sprout(s)